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Why Russian Girl Friday?

What ideas come to mind? Russian Brides? Russian girl ON Fridays? Why on Fridays only?

I will not disillusion you. No nude pictures on this website, no women of easy virtue, no sex on Friday's (or on any other days; unfortunate for somebody I know!). But you have plenty of such options on the Internet.

I pay attention to such boring things like reading books. There is very old (1719) and amusing novel by Daniel Defoe "Robinson Crusoe". If you have read it you will remember a Boy Friday who helped Robinson to survive on the uninhabited island.

I don't know when or where the Girl Friday concept was born, but now it's widespread in the USA as 'support and facilitation services'. Jesse Frey told me about it when I was in Tucson, AZ visiting him (my daughter and I appreciate his hospitality). I brought this idea to Russia and started my own business in February 2004.

So here you are. I'm your aboriginal/indigenous guide in this land called RUSSIA.

If you haven't read this adventure novel yet I really recommend to do it:

In English:
In Russian:

Olesia Pomazan