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Russian Phrases
for Emergency Situations

My documents have been stolen U menya ukrali documenty
I need a doctor urgently Mne srochno nuzhen doctor
I need to call the American (British, French, German, Spanish) Embassy in Moscow Mne nuzhno pozvonit v Amerikanskoye (Britanskoye, Frantsuskoye, Nemetskoye, Ispanskoye) posolstvo v Moskve
Is there anyone who speaks English here? Kto-nibud zdes govorit po-angliyski?
Is there a Western Union office in this city? Yest li v etom gorode Western Union?
Where is the nearest Western Union office? Gde nakhoditsya blizhayshiy Western Union?
My train left. Ya otstal on poezda.
I go to Irkutsk (Vladivostok, Beijing, Ulan-Bator). Train number 20. Ya edu v Irkutsk (Vladivostok, Pekin, Ulan-Bator). Poezd nomer 20.









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