Examples of Trans-Siberian ticket prices

...While at it, some examples of other train and flight ticket prices

Train schedule

Types of Russian and international trains and cars

Hints from a ticket-procurement expert

My fees

Recommended persons/service organizations along the Trans-Siberian

Stay out of trouble and what to do if things go wrong

   Russian phrases for emergency use
   Cell phone

   Travel escort

Recommended accommodation in Moscow

Alternatives to Trans-Siberian

Recommended Trans-Siberian resources

Russian rail road rules

This should give you enough information to judge the level of prices for Trans-Siberian tickets. Frankly, at times I'm overcome with calls and e-mails asking me to look into exact costs of tickets. Thus this page to help you estimate the cost of your Siberian adventure yourself.

how long in advance you can buy Russian and international ticket

table of seasonal price regulations, 2009

trains stations in Moscow

luggage, locker

How to read Russian train ticket








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