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This site is dedicated to the technicalities of the Trans-Siberian travel. I often asked however to procure ex Moscow tickets to other destinations. Such information will be posted on this page to help you weigh the pros cons of buying tickets locally cheap vs. well in advance, with no hassle, but at elevated prices. I've personally bought most tickets listed below, and comments are based on my own direct experience.

This page is intended to orient you about schedules and prices and the whole scene in general in the hope of reducing the number of general information inquiries to allow me concentrate on helping my clients.

April 5, 2004
Three flights daily: 9:30am, 9:30pm (Tartar Airlines), and 10:35pm (Siberia Airlines). One hour in the air.
Cost: $30 one way if you buy no later than 21 days in advance from Tartar, or 14 days in advance for Siberia Airlines.  $140 if less than 21 days. Back 7:20am (Siberia). The Tartar flight is also off in the morning.
Flies from Domodedovo, convenient access from Paveletskaya train station (walking distance from the famous Uncle Pasha's Dutch Loft and Catherine's Rodent-Free Bomb Shelter)

April 14, 2004
Moscow to St. Petersburg
#2 Krasnaya Strela train (recommended, as well as #6, Nikolayevsky Express).
Cattle car: $15
4 person compartment: $50
2 person compartment: $100-140
Trains #2 leaves 11:55pm, arrives 7:55am
Train #6 leaves 11:30, arrives 7:30am
For these particular trains I recommend you buy tickets in advance. If, however, you just show up at the Leningradsky station in the evening you will be able to be off to St. Petersburg (or Tver to that matter, where Uncle Pasha, who is helping me with this site in exchange for my promoting his www.russian-horse-rides.com project, is inviting you to stop at his dacha for a taste of Russian rural joys) you will always be able to leave.

May 5, 2004
St. Petersburg to Helsinki
7:35am, arrives 12:18pm
4:31pm, arrives 9:18pm
Sitting car: $70
Second class: $80
First class: $115

May 8, 2004
St. Petersburg - Riga
Daily, off 9:49pm, arrives 9:35am
Economy class: $50-55
2nd class: $55-60
Leaves form the Vitebsky station in St. Petersburg





Please note that I am not an agent. As follows from the name of my site, I am just an errand girl. The ultimate responsibility for the trip is yours. If you are not comfortable with this mode of travel please contact your official certified, qualified etc. travel agent. Please note the DISCLAIMERS section.

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