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Facts & Figures

Here you will NOT find many pretty pictures.
This is NOT a place for exciting travelogues. Look ELSEWHERE for the history of the Trans-Siberian route.

My site is about the practicalities and technicalities of travelling across Siberia, and is written with an independent budget traveller in mind.

Here you will find information on travel options, up-to-date schedules, and examples of ticket prices. You will also find instruction on buying Russian train tickets locally, at local prices which are significantly lower than what you would pay at home.

Why am I doing this? Because  you are likely to need my support that I will be happy to avail in exchange for a suitable contribution to the maintenance of my home office in Moscow.

Examples of my services:
airport transfer, backpacker accommodation in Moscow, assistance with apartment rental in Moscow,
assistance with buying train tickets
and just about any type of information searches and errands.

Being from Tomsk (south-western Siberia), I have friends there, and can ask them to meet you and keep you safe too.

Even if you don't become my client I will be happy if the information I compile and try to keep up-to-date is of assistance to you in planning this exciting adventure.


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TOMSK: old nice Siberian town on Trans-Sib. Worth to make a stop!



From Moscow to St. Petersburg through small towns and villages. Getting there, were to stay, what to do. The site features Staritsa, Tver region, and Uncle Pasha's dacha where you can enjoy horse riding and other wholesome
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