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Scientific research services

You do not necessarily need to undertake a costly and time-consuming trip to Russia to collect the materials for your work - I will do it for you.

My specialization is libraries and archives. I'm a sociologist by training and feel most comfortable with these topics:

  • history

  • economy

  • market

  • politics

  • society

  • art

My partner in business Paul Voytinsky ( can be delegated to do similar research and analysis in science and technology. He can understand biological, medical, chemical, and engineering issues.

Even if you travel to Russia later, your project will go faster and smoother after I've done the basic work with literature. Little things, eg. archive opening hours and procedures, permits, even valid addresses can expand and eat up many of your expensive and limited days. Let me do the "dirty" work for you at probably a fraction of the cost of spending extra days in what's said to be the world's most expensive city.

Side remark: I disagree with it profoundly but that's a different matter. Still, take a look at

I can locate books, provide summaries, or make sample translations.

I know most libraries in Moscow and in my native city of Tomsk. My partner Tania can be at your service in St. Petersburg - see

The rates are quite reasonable. A preliminary library visit of under two hours will cost $25US, and it will give you a rough list of available materials. An hourly or "per job" rates can be applies. The scope and cost of the project can usually be estimated after the first few hours of research.

See Examples of Project for a better idea of how I can save you time and money while enhancing the quality of your research.



I will answer, promptly and free of charge, your Russia-related question

if the answer

  • constitutes common knowledge

  • is available in Moscow's telephone directories

  • can be found by making a call or two.

The bit of into that is important to you may be real easy to get here. Don't hesitate to WRITE.