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   rates and payment TERMS

My rates are based on 20 EUR/hour (min 4 hours).  

You can either pay me by the hours or, if the volume of work is clear from the start, by project.

30-40 EUR will cover most small errands, e.g. to buy tickets or to deliver something within Moscow, or to send a parcel etc.

60-80 EUR is the average fee for "big errands". If you ask me to look up train schedule and prices, advise you about travel alternative,  buy a few tickets, arrange for the airport pickup etc. expect the "big errand" amount on your bill. 

The payment  can be made in several ways:

  • Western Union, Money Gram and any other express payment services
  • Money transfer to my accounts ($ or Euros) in Alfa Bank. Ask me for details.
  • Cash if you are in Moscow ($, Euros, Rubles are accepted)

I'm working on being able to process credit card payments (if you have an idea please share it with me).

I'm working only on prepayment base now. A small deposit will motivate me and give me assurance in seriousness of your plans. Thank you for understanding.

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