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Homestay with Russian Girl Friday
ound-the-clock assistance and support especially you are uncertain in Moscow because my specialization is to take care of our foreign guests. If you stay with me you’ll not lost in this huge strange city. North-West of Moscow.
Nearest Metro: Voykovskaya (dark green line) 7 metro stops (20-30min) from the Red Square

Separate bedroom will be available in the summer (June-August 2014) when my daughter is off. If you don't mind to share my apartment with me as a flatmate you are welcome. Ideal for people who come to Moscow for work, internship, business - you will have comfortable  conditions to work: wi-fi internet, table, calm and me as assistant. I would prefer to rent my room to one person for 3 month but shorter staying is ok too.  


Tell me what you ideally require: size, budget, how many people need to be accommodated, location, and, since you can't have it all at once and cheap, your priorities. Don't hesitate to alert me of any special requirements, eg. low noise tolerance, allergies, physical disability etc. I will then make a round of calls on your behalf, tell you what's available, help you in making your choice, and make a reservation on your behalf.

In many cases this service is "free" unless a lot of calls and correspondence.

I'm personally familiar with 30 private apartments (and I'm updating my apartments list to give you more choice), and most of Moscow's hotels. Just ask me now.

I highly recommend to rent an apartment in the city centre. It's much cheaper ($90-140/night) than central hotels. Close to sights, eating places, good supermarkets, banks, night life etc than budget hotels. And much homy and comfortable imho. Please write me if you need an advice or you would like me help you to find suitable accommodation in Moscow. I have many different apartments in my data base.

If you want to safe money and be closer to real Russian life there are homestay options and rooms for rent near the city center. The common price is $40-60/night. Homestay with Russian Girl Friday this summer 2014

If you prefer hotels please find and book something suitable for you here 

They offer also many hotels all over Russia and ex-USSR.

Last minute requests for assistance are something to be avoided but we promise to do our best. You will not be left out on the street. Nor forced to check into $300-500/night hotel.

Note that Uncle Pasha can accommodate you at his dacha in Staritsa, Tver region. A mere $50 contribution to the cost of keeping the household afloat gives you a roof over your head, food, and even a horse to ride.

Accommodation offers in towns between Moscow and St. Petersburg are being added to www.staritsa.info. Lots already collected on Tver. The Golden Ring hotels and homestays will be added there very soon.

For accommodation in Saint-Petersburg please contact my friend and partner Tatiana Hotina. Please look at her website www.russianadventure.com  to find a lot of information about this amazing city. 

I can recommend you some accommodation in Siberia. Please look at Tomsk apartment and ask for more contacts in Siberia: Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, Krasnoyarsk, Ulan-Ude etc.

Yes, we can assist you in transferring a deposit to the landlord too.  rusgirlfriday [at] yandex [dot] ru

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For Muscovites: Have a spare room? Need English conversation practice? A few bucks too? I am getting lots of inquiries about room rental. It doesn't need to be fancy, just clean and quiet. Let me know if you got anything.