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Trans-Siberian Rail Road

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   T O M S K
Tomsk locates in West Siberia. It is worth stopover during the Trans-Siberian journey.
Tomsk (about 500 000 of population) is an old Siberian town, founded in 1604, it’s situated on the river Tom, next to Novosibirsk. Its historical center formed first of all by the main street – Lenina (Lenin’s) - still represents the typical architecture of the early XXth century, mostly three- or two-floored buildings, of modernist style, for it was very popular at that time. The buildings of the 5 universities are located on the same street. As a result you see plenty of young faces around the year everywhere – on streets, in cinemas, night clubs (to be called strictly discos), in many cafes, coffee houses, by the way the last two are rather cheap, the cuisine is eatable however. The most curious could find a couple of life music clubs to study the alternative scene of the region, some museums and theatres. The further main feature of Tomsk are wooden houses about 200 years old, decorated with so-called “wooden laces” – different pattern, there are a lot of them unlike to near Siberian cities and towns still kept, in spite of fire and their deterioration.

Speaking to the identity of Tomsk, its people, weather, nature and history, who makes it: Tomsk is worth visiting to get acquainted with the friendly province atmosphere and Siberian way of life.

I was born there. I love this city. And I would like to invite you to visit it and to enjoy...

W E L C O M E !