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    By train
#38  Moscow-Tomsk departure at 22.40 (odd days) from Yaroslavsky RR station (Metro station Komsomol'skaya - famous square of three railway stations). Your trip takes 55 hours (3611 km) and you arrive to Tomsk at 08.56 (local time).

#37 Tomsk-Moscow departure at 11.37  on odd days. Your trip takes 55 hours and you arrive to Moscow at 16.20.

It's very comfortable and clean train with a friendly stuff.

Approximate prices for one-way tickets (updated in February, 2009):
1st class, SV, 2-berth compartment             $600
2nd class, kupe, 4-berth compartment         $300 and $320    
3rd class, plazkart                                     $130
Exact prices are available 45 days in advance.

Stops on your way (Moscow-Tomsk):     Vladimir  Nizhni Novgorod   Kirov   Perm   Yekaterinburg   Tyumen   Omsk   Novosibirsk   Taiga

The tickets are available no early than 45 days before the departure date. I recommend to buy tickets in advance especially in the summer and here in Russia for local prices. I can help you to plan your trip, find all the information and purchase tickets for you. I need your full name, passport number and a prepayment to buy tickets for you.

       By flight

There several flights from Moscow to Tomsk and back every day from/to Domodedovo airport by Transaero and S7 airlines.
Flights leave Moscow late in the evening (at 10-11pm) and arrive to Tomsk early morning (at 6-7am).
Flights from Tomsk are early morning (at 7-8am) and arrive to Moscow in the morning too (at about 9am).
Flight lasts about 4.5 hours.
Time in Tomsk is 3 hours ahead of Moscow time

2-way ticket is about $450-650.